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Do you suspect SMA? Be sure to rule out an SMA diagnosis immediately, don’t delay.
It’s critical to identify and treat SMA right away.

The early diagnosis and the early treatment of SMA is absolutely essential to maximizing a child’s health outcomes from this debilitating disease. It is often the difference between life and death, between extremely limited function and independent mobility.

With a new, effective treatments now available and other promising treatments on the horizon, Cure SMA’s SMArt Moves wants all parents and healthcare professionals to:

  • Know the critical SMA signs, and how it can affect a child’s motor development
  • Be able to access the necessary tools and resources to take swift action, including a new CME Module

Because we know rapid response can save and dramatically improve a child’s life.

Our SMArt Moves Professionals’ Proof Points

An exciting, new life-saving SMA treatment is now available with other promising treatments on the horizon.

Early diagnosis and early treatment are crucial.

  • When a child receives early treatment, within the first few months after exhibiting SMA symptoms, it can be life-saving. They will show significant improvements.
  • If a child receives the treatment after that crucial early window, they can still benefit from the treatment, but their health outcomes and improvements may not be as great as those children treated at the earliest onset of the disease.
  • Most children are not being diagnosed as early as possible, even when presenting tell-tale symptoms.
  • Most parents instinctually know something is wrong but are not exactly sure if these developmental delays are serious, or they may be in denial. If a healthcare professional initially dismisses concerns, parents aren’t always prepared to prompt further conversations to drive a complete and proper evaluation.
  • Doctors often suggest a “wait-and-see” approach when it comes to a child’s motor development and delays, and aren’t necessarily attune to the nuances of diagnosing SMA. They may not know there is a life-saving treatment available or the urgency required to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

Historically, health care professionals have been slow to refer children for concerns about motor delays. In part, SMA is a rare disease and a SMA diagnosis could be perceived as dismal because, to date, there haven’t been any hopeful treatments available.

Fortunately, with a new, life-saving treatment now available, and others in development, we hope you join us to change the outcome for so many young children and their families:

  • Approx. 10,000 people are living with SMA
  • SMA is the most common genetic cause for mortality of kids under age 2
  • Approximately one child a day is born with a form of SMA

The bottom line

Access to life-saving SMA treatment, as early as possible, is essential to modifying the rapid and irreversible loss of motor neurons, and increases the chances of survival and functional gains to patients.

SMArt Moves start with you. Join us to save lives.

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