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BAYADA Pediatrics is proud to partner with Cure SMA for the fifth year as a National Sponsor of the Walk-n-Roll Program. This year, we hope to expand our participation and have even more offices attend multiple Walk-n-Roll events throughout the country.

This national sponsorship is a great opportunity to demonstrate The BAYADA Way in action, to network with other families affected by spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and to educate families and health care professionals about the high quality home health care services BAYADA Pediatrics can provide for children with SMA.

SMA is the number one genetic cause of death for infants, and approximately 1 in every 50 individuals is a genetic carrier for SMA. But there's reason to hope. We know what causes SMA and what we need to do to develop a cure.

Team BAYADA Events

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4/22/2017 | Fayetteville 5K & Walk-n-Roll in honor of Annabelle

4/22/2017 | Chesapeake Chapter Walk-n-Roll

4/23/2017 | 14th Annual Jacob's Run, Walk and Roll to Cure SMA

4/23/2017 | Pittsburgh 5K & Walk-n-Roll

4/29/2017 | Houston Walk-n-Roll

5/06/2017 | 14th Annual OKI Chapter Walk-n-Roll

5/06/2017 | Utah Walk 'n' Roll & 5K

5/06/2017 | Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll in Honor of Katherine Santiago

5/06/2017 | Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll in Honor of Cubby Wax

5/06/2017 | Michigan Chapter Walk-n-Roll

5/12/2017 | Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll for Graham

5/13/2017 | Vermont Walk-n-Roll

5/20/2017 | 17th Annual New England Chapter Walk-n-Roll

5/20/2017 | West Virginia Walk-n-Roll

5/20/2017 | Pikeville 5K with Bentley's Smiles for Miles

5/21/2017 | Pennsylvania Chapter Walk-n-Roll

5/21/2017 | Connecticut Chapter Walk-n-Roll

5/21/2017 | St. Louis Walk-n-Roll

6/11/2017 | Illinois Chapter Walk-n-Roll

6/25/2017 | North Jersey Chapter Walk-n-Roll

8/05/2017 | 14th Annual Western New York Chapter Walk-n-Roll

8/20/2017 | Northern California Walk-n-Roll

8/20/2017 | Pacific Northwest Walk-n-Roll

8/26/2017 | Cure SMA Binghamton Walk-n-Roll

8/26/2017 | Marion, Indiana Walk-n-Roll

9/09/2017 | Minnesota Chapter Walk-n-Roll

9/10/2017 | Dayton Walk-n-Roll in Honor of Emmett Keeton

9/16/2017 | 21st Annual Beaverdale Beaverdash

9/23/2017 | 5K & Walk-n-Roll in Memory of Trooper Cunniff

9/24/2017 | 9th Annual Zane's Run

11/04/2017 | Greater Florida Chapter Walk-n-Roll





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