2015 Cure SMA Sacramento Walk-n-Roll

Together We Are Stronger!
Together We Are Stronger!

Team Malena Makes Magic Happen!

Dear Friends & Community,

Please join me and support Cure SMA by making a contribution to my personal fundraising page for the 2015 Cure SMA Sacramento Walk-n-Roll.  Yes, we would love you to actively participate - start your own Team with your friends/family and Walk with us. We want to beat our fundraising goal of $10,000 - and together anything is possible.

Why We do It!

My daughter, Malena was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at age 15 months when we discovered she had missed both her crawling and walking milestone . Malena has over come many set backs over the years being admitted to both the NICU and the PICU at Sutter Memorial Hospital due to pnenomia. In fact there have been several times when we thought as her parents we'd lose her to this disease, however we found that with the right care and support Malena's resilence and upbeat nature helps her to fight on.

Race Against Time:

Our daughter, Malena continues to loses muscle strength as time goes by and that is why we need Your help! We are very close to a cure and we are upping our efforts. My daughter wants to keep this walk going to Raise Awareness for the other kid and adults too and we couldn't agree more. SMA is NOT a death sentence - we have a reason to Hope! Malena and members of our community show us every day just how precious life is and the fact we should never take our ability to help and make a real difference in the lives of others forgranted.

Spinal Muscular Attrophy (SMA)  is the number one genetic cause of death for infants, and approximately 1 in every 50 individuals is a genetic carrier for SMA. 

We know what causes SMA and what we need to do to develop effective treatments.
We’re getting closer and closer to an FDA-approved therapy, with 17 ongoing drug programs—and six of those are now in clinical trials.

I’ve chosen Cure SMA because they are uniquely positioned to direct funds to where they can make the greatest difference as quickly as possible. They’ve already invested $57 million in research.

They also provide vital support for families living with SMA, improving their quality of life today. And every year they host the largest SMA conference in the world, bringing families together with the leading SMA researchers.

Making a donation to Cure SMA is easy, secure and completely confidential.  Just click on the link and follow the steps!

Thank you again for your personal gift to support my efforts to fund vital research and family support programs for those affected by SMA.



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