2017 Northern California Walk-n-Roll

Golden Gate Park

2017 Northern California Walk-n-Roll

On vacation in Canada together!
On vacation in Canada together!

Anmei Liu

Dear friends and family,

I have exciting news to share with you! In December 2016, the FDA approved the first ever drug for SMA, Spinraza. Though I am not taking Spinraza at present, I have definitely seen how much it has helped those of my friends who are taking it. There are many other promising drugs for SMA in development, several of which are or soon will be in Phase 2 trials. It's so amazing to see how far the research for SMA drugs has come during my lifetime, and without the support of the community and our donors, none of this would be possible.

I will be starting college at UC Davis in the fall! I don't know what I want to major in yet, so I plan to work on my general education courses and explore.  Moving out will pose new challenges, but I am very excited to be getting away from my parents, haha.

The Northern California Walk n Roll is a fund-raising event for treating and caring SMA patients started back in 2003 by a few families of SMA patients in the Bay Area. This year's walk is the 15th and we are proud participants of all events!

Join us in San Francisco for a scenic paved walk through Golden Gate Park. You will also enjoy wonderful raffle items, refreshments, lunch, face painting and friends. You may even catch a few rare pokemon!

Contributions for the 2017 Northern California Walk n Roll can be made through the "Donate Now" link on the upper right corner of this page.
More information about the Walk can be found at


SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) is the number one genetic cause of death for infants, and approximately 1 in every 50 individuals is a genetic carrier for SMA.  But there’s great reason for hope. Thanks to the dedication of our community and the ingenuity of our researchers, we now have the first-ever approved treatment that targets the underlying genetics of SMA.  But our work is not done. We know what we need to do to develop and deliver effective therapies. And we’re on the verge of further breakthroughs that will continue to change the course of SMA for everyone affected—from infants to adults—and eventually lead to a cure.

I’ve chosen Cure SMA because they are uniquely positioned to direct funds to where they can make the greatest difference as quickly as possible. They’ve already invested over $62 million in research and have funded over half of the ongoing drug programs, including the very first research funding for the first-ever approved treatment.

They also provide vital support for families living with SMA, improving their quality of life today. And every year they host the largest SMA conference in the world, bringing families together with the leading SMA researchers.

Making a donation to Cure SMA is easy and secure. Just click on the link and follow the steps! Cure SMA will never sell or share your personal information. They will notify me that you have made a donation, so that I can properly thank you, unless you choose to make your donation anonymously.

Thank you again for your kind gift to support our fight against SMA.

Best wishes!

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