2019 West Virginia Walk-n-Roll

Winnie's Warriors

Join us for the 2019 West Virginia Walk-n-Roll on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. The event will be at the same location, 
Edith Barill Riverfront Park in Star City (next to Terra Cafe and the Tugboat playground)

We support Cure SMA because of Winnie! Spinal muscular atrophy is the number one genetic cause of death for infants, and approximately 1 in every 50 individuals is a genetic carrier for SMA.  But there's great reason for hope.  We know what causes SMA and what we need to do to develop effective treatments.

Thanks to dedication of our community and the ingenuity of our researchers, we now we have the first-ever approved treatment that targets the underlying genetics of SMA.  But our work is not done.  We know what we need to do to develop and deliver effective therapies. And we're on the verge of further breakthroughs that will continue to change the course of SMA for everyone affected - from infants to adults - and eventually lead to a cure.

Cure SMA is uniquely positioned to direct funds to where they can make the greatest difference as quickly as possible.  They've already invested $70 million in research and have funded half of all the ongoing new drug programs for SMA.

Cure SMA is an irreplaceable resource for famlies facing SMA.  They also provide vital support for nearly 4,000 families annually through informational packets, newly diagnosed care packages, local Cure SMA Summit of Strength programs, Annual SMA Conference, and equipment.

Use the buttons on the page to join Winnie's Warriors and walk with us again this year! If you can't attend making a donation is a great way to support the cause..

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