23rd Annual Beaverdale Beaverdash


I am fundraising for Cure SMA because, since we started Race4Grace in 2007, we have seen amazing things happen! Spinraza is the first FDA approved drug to slow the progression of SMA and its helping children everywhere! Grace Nelson was diagnosed in December of 2006 and had the opportunity to start her Spinraza injections a year ago. What a blessing to have support from our friends and family who have helped make this possible! Grace is currently doing well! She is very talented and active in her local and school theaters, landing several lead roles. She has been involved in the Siouxland Youth Choir and additionally is recognized over and over for her scholastic achievements. She will be a freshman in high school this fall, and her folks, Nic and Michelle Nelson, are exhausted from trying to keep up with her busy social and acting life.

SMA impacts the lives of thousands of people and Cure SMA is an irreplaceable resource. By providing services like care packages for newly diagnosed families, teens, and adults, local Summit of Strength programs, an equipment pool, and the Annual SMA Conference - Cure SMA supports the community as they navigate life with SMA. Cure SMA has also invested more than $80 million in research and has funded half of all the ongoing new drug programs for SMA, including Spinraza and Zolgensma, two FDA-approved therapies for SMA.

Join me by registering or donating today! Make a donation of $25 or more to support Cure SMA so they can keep providing these important programs and services for the community.

****** IF YOU WOULD LIKE A RACE 4 GRACE TSHIRT, email Aunt Beth at bethybetherson@gmail.com or text 515-371-1307 before submitting your donation.******

Thank you for joining me in the fight against SMA!

Beth Nelson VanderZee

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